Mercaz (Center)

October 29 - December 11, 2015


Participating Artists:
Shai Azoulay, Dorit Bialer, Guy Goldstein, Tal Frank, Alon Kedem, Efrat Klipshtein, Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufr Birim, Elham Rokni, Avi Sabah, Hadas Satt, Yoav Weinfeld
Curator: Nogah Davidson

Titled “Mercaz” (Center), the opening show ironically addresses the very decision to open a contemporary art gallery in Jerusalem.Although central to the Israeli art scene globally Tel Aviv might be considered quite marginal. In contrast, Jerusalem has historically been recognized as a global center of culture and spirituality.

Hence, the show will suggest that centralism is a negotiable term- determined superficially rather than substantially. It wishes to undermine the supremacy that often accompanies claims of centralism and present it as an ever- changing, fluid term that shifts according to different perspectives, circumstances and times.

The works in the show deal with disrupted hierarchies and orders, with working within molds and methods only to break them or to examine them, through institutional didacticism and questions of substance and triviality.

Participating Works

Stencil _5 Shai Azoulay
Stencil #5
oil on canvas
140 x 164 cm
Wings Shai Azoulay
oil on canvas
173 x 197 cm
Monumental Plan Utopia Dorit Bialer
Monumental Plan Utopia
Mixed media
75 x 101 cm
Third Set Tal Frank
Third Set
Mixed media
200 x 240 x 60 cm
Eventually We Will Find It Alon Kedem
Eventually We Will Find It
oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm
A Thousand Knots to One Storm_ TEST 00 Efrat Klipshtien
A Thousand Knots to One Storm, TEST 00
pencil on paper
21 x 29 cm
Photo Murder Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufr Birim
Photo Murder
single channel video
Crossing the Dune Elham Rokni
Crossing the Dune
single channel video
Excavations Avi Sabah
mixed media on canvas
80 x 60 x each cm
Sphinx Hadas Satt
archival inkjet print
27 x 27 cm
Untitled (Waterfall) Hadas Satt
Untitled (Waterfall)
archival inkjet print
42 x 29.7 cm
Closed Screen Yoav Weinfeld
Closed Screen
mixed media on paper
59.4 x 42 cm
Open Screen Yoav Weinfeld
Open Screen
mixed media on paper
59.4 x 42 cm