Semyon Faibisovich


About the Artists:

Faibisovich, born in Moscow in 1949, is considered to be one of the most striking representatives of figurative photorealism in Moscow. His works traditionally deal with the unremarkable episodes of everyday life. Faibisovich relocated to Tel Aviv in 2016 where he experiences new optimism and a unique light. Here he feels free to reveal his unique visual narrative as he views his new home.

In his earlier works the artist depicts the people of the former Soviet Union on state festivals, in queues, railway stations and on public transport. In the 1980’s he could only be part of the underground scene, as his understated yet ruthlessly accurate depictions of everyday life in the USSR's capital city were not endorsed by the Soviet regime. The works of the early 1990s, rather than depicting the object as the artist sees it, relate to the optics of seeing with its effects and defects. Faibisovich has always been interested in the optics of human eyesight and many of his works explore how we see the world, inviting the viewer to consciously engage in the act of looking. In 2007, he introduced an innovative approach to artwork. Using low resolution mobile camera shots printed on canvas and oil paint, Faibisovich created a new breed of visual art, a new language to use to converse with his habitat.

In his current works, the artist incorporates the latest technology as it relates to his surroundings to document mundane, unglamorous narratives as seen through his eyes and imagination; images that the average passerby will ignore daily. Images that appeared yesterday or today yet may disappear before we take notice. In contrast to many artists who place emphasis upon language, for Faibisovich it is the conversation that occupies him. A fence surrounding a building site; a billboard removed of all but the glue-remains, a soon-to-be disappearing landmark, the unremarkable becomes uber-remarkable through the artist’s eye, camera and computer. As Faibisovich himself explains: “I just get excited, sometimes I can’t understand why. I am waiting for that tremor, for something to move inside me. Sometimes there are moments when you are ready to give your eye for a camera. I don’t know what it is. A facial expression. A motive. A scene. It is an enigma – something that touches your heart, and you don’t know what it is.” This new series, being previewed for the first time at Fresh Paint, is a climax of over 40 years of artistic creation and discovery that began with the social criticism of the former Soviet Union and has come full swing to a visual exploration and documentation of Tel Aviv.

Faibisovich studied at the Krasnopresnenskaya Art School in 1959-1964 and at the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1966-1972. His works are included in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Birmingham, UK), Ludwig Múzeum - Kortárs Muvészeti Múzeum (Budapest), Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, USA), Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, the Kunsthalle in Emden (Germany), and have been sold by the major international auction houses including Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Phillips and Bohnam’s. 


Solo eshibitions:

2018              Viewpoint, Rosenbach Contemporary, Jerusalem

2017              Moscow Mine. The Museum of Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

                      Residual sight. VLADEY Space. Moscow, Russia

2014              My yard. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2011              Three in One. IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Special project. Red October. Moscow, Russia

2010              Ochevidnost (Evidence). Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

                      Les Miserables. REGINA gallery. London, United Kingdom.

2009              Razgulyai. Ikon gallery. Birmingham, United Kingdom.

2008              Comeback. REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

2006             Restored Values 2. Paintings. REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

2005             Rome to Rome. Photo. Collectors’ Club gallery. Art-strelka. Moscow, Russia

2004              The early painting and graphics within the framework of Archiving Contemporaneity gallery project. Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2003              Lviv Eyed by the Muscovite. Photography. Moscow–Kiev–Lviv

2001             Restored Values. Painting. REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

                      All in Due Time, All in Due Place… Photography based installation. Andrey Sakharov Museum and Public Center. Moscow, Russia

                      My Windows. Moscow House of Photography. Moscow, Russia

                      A Joint under the Pines.Two shows. Video installation. TV gallery. Moscow, Russia

2000              Kazhdy Okhotnik Zhelayet Znat Gde Sidit Fazan (Russian version of Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain). Photo installation. XL gallery. Moscow, Russia

                      The Living and the Dead (Memories of the Summer).Video-photo-installation. Marat Guelman Gallery.Moscow, Russia

1999             Our Fluff. Photography. Zverev Contemporary Art Center. Moscow, Russia

1997             Cold Running Down Your Spine. Painting, installation. L gallery. Moscow, Russia

1995             The Farewell Anniversary (in cooperation with B. Orlov). REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

1994             The Chronicle of Current Developments. Painting installation. Yakut gallery. Moscow, Russia

1993             Ochevidnost (Evidence). REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

1992             The Last Parade. Painting installation. REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

1991             Galerie Inge Baecker. Cologne, Germany

1990             Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

                     First Gallery. Moscow, Russia

1989             Phyllis Kind Gallery. Chicago, USA

1988             Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

Select Group Exhibitions:

2016             Borsch and champagne. Selected works from the collection of Vladimir Ovcharenko. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

2015             Through the Looking Glass: Hyperrealism in the Soviet Union. Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University. New Brunswick, USA

2014             My yard. Regina Moscow. Moscow, Russia

2011             Three in One. IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Special project. Red October. Moscow, Russia

2010             Negotiation - Today's Documents 2010. Today Art Museum. Beijing, China

2008             Next of Russia. Seoul, Korea

2007             I Believe! Oleg Kulik curator’s project within the framework of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

                     Lady with Dogs installation. In cooperation with Sergey Shekhovtsov. Moscow, Russia

                     Movement. Evolution. Art. Ekaterina Culture Foundation. Moscow, Russia

                     Art Digital 06. Marginal State. Within the framework of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

                     Razgulyai at Night project. M’ARS Centre for Contemporary Arts.  Moscow, Russia

2006             Photo Biennale. International Photography Month in Moscow, Russia


                     Artists vs. the State/Returning to Perestroika. Ron Feldman Gallery. New York, USA

2005             Subjective Time. M’ARS Centre for Contemporary Arts. Moscow, Russia

                     Remembrance. Russian Post-Modern Nostalgia. Grossman Gallery, Lafayette College. Easton, USA

                     Start of the Century Artists.Video Art. WAM gallery. Moscow, Russia

                     The Russian vision of Europe. Europalia. Brussels, Belgium

2004             Moscow Berlin/Berlin Moskau. 1950–2000. Art. Contemporary View. State Historical Museum. Moscow, Russia

                     Nostalgic Conceptualization: Russian Version. Schimmel Center for the Arts, Pace University. New York, USA

                     PhotoBiennale 2004

2003             Semyon Fajbisowitsch, Allen Jones, Timur Novikov, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol. Bleibtreu-Galerie. Berlin, Germany

                     BerlinMoskau 1950–2000.Martin-Gropius-Bau. September2003/January 2004. Berlin, Germany

                     The New Countdown. Digital Russia with Sony. Moscow House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

                     Remembrance. Russian Post-Modern Nostalgia. Art Museum of the Yeshiva University. New York, USA; Priebe Art Gallery University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin, USA; Art Gallery of the Appleton University. Appleton, USA (2003–2004)

2002             Actual Russian Painting. New Manezh. Moscow, Russia

                     Pro Vision. 2nd International Photography Festival. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

                     Photo Biennale 2002. Fourth International Photography Month in Moscow, Russia

                     Irrigation. Contemporary Art Festival in Bukhta Radosti (the Joy Bay). Moscow, Russia

2001            ArtMoscow

        Russian Artists to Andy Warhol (within the framework of the Warhol Week in Moscow). Marat Guelman gallery exhibition.Moscow, Russia

2000             20th Century Art. The new permanent display of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia

                     Series. NCCA, Manezh. Moscow, Russia

1999             Museum of Contemporary Art. Russian Art of Late 1950s – early 1980s. A. Yerofeyev project. Central Houseof Artists. Moscow, Russia

                     Act 99. Austria – Moscow. Wels Museum – Manezh. Moscow, Russia

                     Post-War Russian Avant-Garde. Yuri Traisman collection. State Russian Museum. St.Petersburg, Russia – StateTretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia – Miami University Museum. Miami, USA

1997             History Personalized. An exhibition tour over the cities of Russian provinces. Open Society institute.Tsaritsyno State Museum-Reserve. Moscow, Russia

                     The Universal Congratulation Project. The Segodnya gallery display within the framework of the Autumn ART Manege fair. Moscow, Russia

1995             Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union. Zimmerli Art Museum.Rutgers University. New Jersey, USA

1994             Art Fair Cologn. Galerie Inge Baecker (Cologne). Sprovieri Gallery (Rome). Cologne, Germany

                     Before Neo and after Post – The New Russian Version. Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx. New York, USA

                   1993–1994 Old Symbols, New Icons in Russian Contemporary Art. Stewart Levi Gallery. New York, USA

1993           Monuments: Transformation for the Future. ICI. Central House of the Artists. Moscow, Russia

                   Art Hamburg (the Art of East European Countries). Galerie Inge Baecker (Cologne). Hamburg, Germany

                  M’AIDEZ/MAYDAY. Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

1992           Firsthand Art, or the Apology of Shyness. REGINA gallery. Moscow, Russia

                  A Mosca... A Mosca. Campoletto Villa. Ercolano; Galleria Comunale. Bologna, Italy

                  My Father’s House Has Many Mansions. Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

                  Glasnost Under Glass. Ohio State University. Columbus, USA

1990           International Art Fair. Chicago, USA

                  Adaptation and Negation of Socialist Realism. The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. Ridgefield, USA

                  FIAC. Paris, France

                  Art Fair Cologne. Cologne, FRG

                  Painting in Moscow and Leningrad. 1965–1990. Columbus Museum of Art. Columbus, USA

                  Bulatov, Faibisovich, Gorokhovski, Kopystianskiye, Vassilyev.Phyllis Kind Gallery. Chicago, USA

1989           Photography in Painting. First gallery. Moscow, Russia

                  Behind the Ironic Curtain. Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

                   Interart. Poznan, Poland

                  Moscow-3. Eva Pol Gallery. West Berlin, FRG

                   International Art Fair. Chicago, USA

                  Von der Revolution zur Perestroika. Sowietische Kunst aus der Sammlung Ludwig.

                  Musee d’Art Modern. Saint Etienne, Switzerland

                  Wirklichkeit als Konzept II. Die jungere Generation. Galerie Inge Baecker. Cologne, FRG

1988           Ich lebe – Ich sehe. Kunstmuseum. Bern, Switzerland

                   International Art Fair. Chicago, USA

                  Art Fair Cologne. FRG

                  Art Messe. Basel, Switzerland

                  Glastnost. Kunsthalle in Emden. Emden, FRG

                  Beyond the Ironical Curtain. Galerie Inge Baecker. Cologne, FRG

                  The Maze. The Youth Palace. Moscow, Russia

1987           Direct from Moscow. Phyllis Kind Gallery. New York, USA

                   International Art Fair. Chicago, USA

                  Retrospective: 1957–1987. T. O. Hermitage. Moscow, Russia

                  Post-Socialistic Realism: New Soviet Reality. Firebird Gallery. Alexandria, USA

1985           16th Youth Exhibition. Moscow, Russia

1976–88     Exhibitions of the municipal committee of graphics in the Malaya Gruzinskaya street. Moscow, Russia

Public collections:

Time Magazine, New York, USA

Ludwig Collection, Aachen, Germany

Modern Art Museum of the East European Countries (Ludwig Collection), Budapest, Hungary

The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Kunsthalle in Emden, Emden, Germany

Modern Art Museum, Lodz, Poland Museum of Actual Art, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

State Literature Museum, Moscow, Russia

Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia

The Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Associated Exhibitions

Veiwpoint, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibition: Semyon Faibisovich, Dubi Ronen, Shlomo Hauser, Simon Rose, Raquel Sanchez, Binyamin Basteker
April 26 - April 30, 2018