Shlomo Hauser


About the Artists:

Shlomo Hauser graduated in 1991 from the NB Haifa School of Design with a degree in graphic design and visual communication. He pursued a career in advertising and graphic design and was a partner and VP Creative at one of Israel’s leading advertising agencies. In 2007 Hauser established an independent design and branding studio in his home in Nirit.

The experience that Shlomo amassed over the past three decades within the advertising and design sector has trained him to view his surroundings from an innovative angle. Not only does he experience simple imagery through his creative vision, but also mundane materials take on a new meaning as they become incorporated into the artist’s unique creations.

The imagery in Hauser’s paintings is not foreign: a well know intersection of Tel Aviv, a common street scene, a banal tree or a sidewalk. It is this commonality accentuated by foreign material (concrete, clay, metal, glass, plastic) that bestows upon the artist’s work a uniqueness not seen. This contrast between the two-dimensional painting and the three-dimensional clay, metal, etc. place the artist’s work in a class of its own.


Born in 1959 in Ramat Gan, Israel.
Lives and works in Nirit

Solo Exhibitions
2015    “Mabatim” (Glancing)  Givatayim Theater
            Curator: Doron Polak.
2016    “In Between” Florentin 45
            Curators: Vera Pilpoul / Gilat Elkeslasi.
2016    Tiroche Auction House / DiscountBank.
2016    “Street Language” The Artist’s House Tel-Aviv
            Curator: Arie Berkovits.

Group Exhibitions
2016    “Nekodat-zecot” (Credit Point) White city Tel-Aviv / spirit of 
             israel – Group exhibition – Curator: Shulamit Nuss.
2017    “Art Expo NEW YORK” – Group exhibition.
2018    Fresh Paint, Tel Avi

Associated Exhibitions

Veiwpoint, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibition: Semyon Faibisovich, Dubi Ronen, Shlomo Hauser, Simon Rose, Raquel Sanchez, Binyamin Basteker
April 26 - April 30, 2018