Shai Azoulay


About the Artists:

Born in 1971, Lives and work in Jerusalem
2000 Student exchange program, Art Department, Minerva Academy of Fine Art & Design, Netherlands
2000 BFA, Art Department, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
2004 Art History studies, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2007 MFA program, Art Department, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel-Aviv
Solo Exhibitions
2018 A Dwelling Down Below,  Herzlia Museum
2018 Closer to the Sun, Tivon Gallery
2017 Void and Infinity, Froots Gallery, Beijing
2017 Amba, Triple Exhibition, Inga Gallery Tel Aviv
2017 Flesh Heart, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam
2016 Shortcuts, Meislin Projects, New York
2016 Pupil, Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago,
2016 Checkers, Rosenbach Contemporary, Jerusalem
2016 Dos, Inga Gallery
2014 Guided Imagery, Inga Gallery
2013 Good Eye, ARATANIURANO Gallery, Tokyo
2012 Broken heart is a full Heart, Sotheby's , Tel Aviv
2011 FRIZE, Frame, London
2011 I see darkness, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem
2011 SUPER PARTNERS, Tel Aviv Museum
2009 Woman Becomes Tree, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007 The Osnat Mozes Prize for Young Artist, Artists House, Jerusalem
2003 Outpost (part of Nidbach 11 series), The Artists House, Jerusalem
Select Group Exhibitions
2019 Untitled, Steven Harvey Project Gallery, New York
2019 New in the Collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2019 Art is Choice, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2017 The Jerusalem Biennale
2017 Repositioning, The Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem
2017 Painting, Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin
2016 Golem, Jewish Museum, Berlin
2016 Nord Art, Israeli Pavilion, Hamburg
2015 Mercaz, Rosenbach Contemporary, Jerusalem
2014 Akhshav, Stein Rose Fine Art, NY, NY
2013 Now Now -The Jerusalem Biannle
2011 What to do with painting in the 21st Century, Haifa Museum
2011 The winners, Petach Tikva Museum
2011 Rupture and Repair, The Artist House, Jerusalem
2010 BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 Wedding Ceremonies, Beit Hatfutsot, TelAviv
2010 Dreaming, Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 100 Years Bezalel, Berlin, Paris
2009 Jerusalem Surface Fractures, The Jerusalem Artists' House
2009 Tel Aviv My Love, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery
2009 Constellation, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Rome
2009 Trained impulse, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 Two, Miniatures, Gallery 10 / Bet Michal, Rehovot
2009 Body and Shadow, Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sh'ananim
2009 1+1, Jerusalem Art Center, Musrara
2009 Cent Ans de Dialogue par l'Art, Bezalel de Jerusalem à Paris, France
2008 Young Israeli Art, Helena robinstien Pavilion for contemporary Art
2008 Personal Landscapes, The Katzen meuseum ,Washington,D.C
2008 Open space living, Helena robinstien Pavilion for contemporary Art
2008 Psyschology of a Pawn, Participant Inc, New York
2007 The Other Sea, Artists House, Jerusalem
2007 The MFA Program Graduate Show, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel-Aviv
2005 Lights, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2005 New Faces, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004 Traces II, Artists House, Jerusalem
Grants and Prizes
2006-2007 Award for extra ordinary artistic achievement, The Bezalel Academy of
Art and Design, Tel-Aviv
2006 The Osnat Mozes Prize for Young Artists
2007 The Legacy Heritage Fund Prize
2008 The Ministry of Education Grant for Artist Teacher Projects
2010 Artis Grant, New York
2011 The Minister of Education Prize
2018 Ministry of Culture Award

Associated Exhibitions

Checkers, Shai Azoulay and Jonathan Gold
Recent works by the renowned Contemporary Israeli Artists Shai Azoulay and Jonathan Gold. Curated by Karmit Galili
September 15 - October 30, 2016
Summer Exhibition
Featuring works by Shai Azoulay, Yoni Gold, Mindy Weisel, Osnat Sarbagili, Eyal Sasson, Daniella Azoulay, Yaara Oren, Alon Kedem and Guy Yanai
July 1 - August 14, 2016
Mercaz (Center)
October 29 - December 11, 2015
Preview Exhibition
September 9 - October 28, 2015